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Friday, 08 October 2010 10:12

Brand Promise

A brand promise is is a stated or implied pledge that creates customer expectations and employee responsibilities. - Marty Neumeier

The brand promise defines the high-level benefits that key audiences can expect from the organization behind the brand and it differentiates one company or organization from its competition.


AFS Brand Positioning

The process of differentiating a product, service, company or organization in a customer’s mind to obtain a strategic competitive advantage; the first step in building a brand. - Marty Neumeier

 Brand Positioning is the main idea that differentiates one organization from its competitors. It’s the unique, strategic location of the brand in the competitive landscape and its audiences’ mind. It establishes a distinctive and unique “position” in the mind of customers, where the organization is positioned figuratively from its competitors.


AFS Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are distinctive features of a product, service, company or brand. - Marty Neumeier

Brand attributes are the brand’s recognizable personality characteristics. Attributes are expressed through employee behavior and the tone and style of communications. For example, if AFS were a person, people would describe us as trustworthy.

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