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Monday, 25 October 2010 00:00

The AFS logo looks best when it has as much space around it as possible. This means that the logo is apart from other graphics or typography that could compete for attention. The specifications below provide guidance on determining the minimum clear area around the logo.

In addition to being provided sufficient clear area, the AFS logo should be scaled proportionately and to the correct size. In order to ensure the logo is visible on every communication and because the logo is one of our chief brand communicators, it should be used in as large a size as appropriate for the piece being designed.


Always place the logo in the top left or bottom right corner of communications. When placing the logo in the top left, align the left edge of the “AFS” logotype (and descriptor name) to the left margin so that the left edge of the flag symbol hangs. When placing the logo in the bottom right corner, align the right edge of the flag or the right edge of the descriptor name—whichever is wider—to the right margin.

Minimum Size

To mantain optimum reproduction and readability, the AFS logo should never be reproduced at a size where the wave width is smaller than 22 mm on print materials. For online applications the minimum width is 100 px.

Clear area

The minimum clear area in both print and online applications is equal to 1x the width of the letter, “A.” Use this measurement to define the clear area around all sides of the logo, including the Partner descriptor.



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