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Monday, 25 October 2010 00:00

The AFS logo is a unique graphic that unites our communications and distinguishes AFS from other organizations. The logo consists of a blue flag-like shape known as the AFS wave. Inside of the wave are two interconnected rings and the letters, "AFS." Below the wave is the Partner descriptor specific to each AFS Partner organization.

Representing Connections

The two interlaced rings have been a symbol used by AFS for more than three decades. They represent the diverse connections within the AFS Network and the global AFS community. They remind us of the connections between cultures, the bonds created between AFSers and Host Families, the links between AFS Volunters and the interconnected AFS Network. The wave shows that AFS is a dynamic organization, while the shape is anchored by text to represent an established and trustworthy organization. 

Logo specifications

The AFS logo consists of the interconnected rings and AFS letters inside the wave and the Partner descriptor. None of the elements can be used separately. The width of the letter “A” should be used as a multiple of other widths in the logo. For example, the width of the logo from the far left side of the wave to the beginning of the letters “AFS” should be 3x the width of the letter, “A.”

Partner Descriptor

The Partner descriptor is the name of the specific AFS Partner organization, and it must always be included as part of the logo. The descriptor should state the name of the AFS Organization the logo is representing in the typography Helvetica Neue. The Partner descriptor must have a minimum of two lines, and a maximum of three lines. The length of the descriptor should not extend past the right side of the wave more than 2x the width of the letter “A.”

Logo Color

The AFS wave should always appear in PMS 300 or it’s equivalent in process colors (see page No. 10 of The AFS Common Visual Identity Guidelines) and the descriptor must appear in black. If you must print in one color the full logo may appear in black or white, depending on the background of the application.



View and download the AFS Worldwide Logos from the Brand Resources. 

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