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Monday, 25 October 2010 00:00

The AFS tagline, Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures reflects what is inspiring about the AFS experience— adventure, community and personal bonding. It is available as a graphic and should not be changed. Typeset in a handwritten font, it adds a human touch to communications.



The AFS tagline must always be 50% of the height of the AFS letters used in the logo.



The tagline should always appear in AFS Cool Gray, black, a tint of black or white when doing color blocking. Do not produce the tagline in any other color.


Fixed Lock-up

The tagline can appear either next to the logo as a lockup, or aligned to the logo in an open configuration.


Placement for flexible lock-up

The tagline may appear in one of three areas, when not locked-up to the logo.

  1. When the logo is in the top left corner, place the tagline in the top right corner and align to the baseline of the “AFS” letters in the wave.

  2. You may also place the tagline beneath the AFS logo and align the left edge of the tagline to the left edge of the “AFS” letters in the wave.

  3. When the logo is placed in the bottom right corner, place the tagline in the bottom left corner and align the bottom of the tagline to the baseline of the “AFS” letters in the wave.

On smaller items, such as business cards or promotional items, it may be necessary to separate the tagline from the logo. This is acceptable only if the guidelines noted above do not work. As an alternative, the tagline may be centered beneath the logo, or appear on an alternate side of the item.




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