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Monday, 25 October 2010 00:00

Imagery is a powerful tool that can communicate key messages about the AFS experience.


Subject matter

Most images are candid shots of real students and host families. Our imagery reflects the reality of the AFS experience—students, families and friends in the moment. When selecting photos, choose images that help the audience understand the primary message or theme you’re trying to communicate. The images should illustrate and add context to the words.



Color photography reinforces the rich experiences of our brand, but images may also be reproduced as duotones or in black and white. Duotones should consist of a combination of colors from the approved palette. When using multiple images, if one is color, it should be the largest of the group.

Silhouetted images may be used to capture two or more people interacting. Silhouettes may be layered within the secondary graphic or used as a backdrop to the secondary graphic.

Subtle graphic patterns, textures or line art illustrations may be incorporated into the secondary graphic or used as a background. Avoid using complex patterns or multiple illustrations within a given piece. Illustrations should enhance a piece, not compete with the other graphic elements.


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