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Monday, 25 October 2010 00:00

Typefaces, like organizations, have personalities. AFS uses three typefaces as part of the identity system: Gotham, Plantin and Erwin. 


Gotham is a contemporary, sans-serif typeface which may be used for titles or body copy. Gotham is available in a wide range of weights and styles.


Designed in the 1900’s, Plantin is a classic serif typeface that is easy to read and can be used for heavy body copy publications or to give a formal look to titles.


Erwin is a script typeface chosen to complement Gotham and Plantin. Erwin is used for the tagline, but may also be used sparingly for headlines. As a hand drawn font, Erwin brings a more approachable, human feel to our communications.

Alternatives For Online And Electronic Use

Using specific typographies in electronic applications can be complicated, since they use typefaces already installed on the computer meant for presentations or websites. Hence, for online applications such as websites or e-mails or Power Points that will be shared with others, alternative typefaces should be used.

In these cases, Arial or Helvetica can be used instead of Gotham, and Times New Roman instead of Plantin. Erwin should not be replaced and can be converted to an image if necessary. 


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